Moon & Mars
Painter, Poet, Puppeteer
Artist’s Statement:
The Suitcase Theater is our life today–always going–never arriving–small installations is the new BIG–From the artist point of view life on many levels today appears absurd–political, social, and economic problems alike. It all appears to be a “Theater on every stage of Reality” with a huge need for more imaginative actors in the fight for a better and safe world.
Latest up-to-date Bio for Theater from the Suitcase:

Born on a UFO over Siberia on July 1, 1931
Raised in 21 Kindergarten for aliens in Europe, place unknown
Forced labor on a cattle farm in Texas
Attended and failed high school in a small town in China
Worked as an extra at the Russian Ballet Theater in Moscow
Attended workshop at the Royal Academy of Music in London
Enrolled in the State Academy for Supremacist painters in Monaco
Received Fulbright Scholarship to study Mad US Artists in Los Angeles
Moved to New York City in search of a wife
Honored to show 885 of his paintings at the MOMA
Invited to show his Non-Aryan works at the Goethe House New York
Refused by the Guggenheim and Whitney Muse for his Anti American Art
Invited Prince of the Media World on NBC Tonight Show
Dined with Russian Astronaut on Sputniks
Halted invasion of Cuba by talking to Khrushchev about religion
Accepted a position at the Mosquito Lagoon University Kissimmee-Miami
Painted a swastika at the XXth Olympics at Berlin’s City Hall
Vacationed in a resort town in former Nazi territory of the Swiss Alps
Attended shark and alligator rescue operation on a Barrier Island in Japan
Shuttled between earth, moon and mars in search of academic art works
Lost his drivers license for speeding to save turtles on the road
Honored Distinguished Researcher by the Mosquito Lagoon University
Traveled to Brazil to clean-paint walls, ceilings and floors at the MAM
Lost his teeth by eating Florida oranges
Avoided being arrested by explaining the only weapon he carries is his mind
Received Europe’s “Medal for Great Bravery” at a King Ludwig Town